Sewage treatment _ rainwater collection _ FRP septic tank _ easy net group official website


Sewage treatment _ rainwater collection _ FRP septic tank _ easy net group official website

Rainwater collection and reuse is the roof, pavement and green rainwater collected to the rainwater wells, through the rainwater drainage wells to achieve rainwater harvesting and overflow discharge, the collected rainwater after the initial rain water after the filter into the rainwater storage, After the natural sedimentation in the storage tank, after further physical filtration and disinfection, can do greening, flushing, road washing, vehicle rinsing, landscape water replenishment, air conditioning cooling tower water and other purposes.

Hunan easy net environmental technology Co., Ltd. in the country has 10 major production base, the six major business (glass and steel products business, sewage treatment business, rainwater collection business, integrated pumping station business, plastic inspection wells career, drainage pipe business). The Ministry of Housing and Urban Sponge City, the first batch of recommended enterprises (FRP rainwater storage device, glass and steel rainwater collection and reuse system); "FRP septic tank technical requirements" national industry standard drafters; edited "rainwater comprehensive utilization"; Sponge City Construction Practice Guide "; Asia-Europe Water Association strategic partner; won the" sponge city's most influential enterprises "; more than 30 related patents.

The rainwater harvesting series is mainly classified according to different environmental conditions, including rainwater collection and reuse system, rainwater infiltration system, rainwater storage system, PP module rainwater harvesting system and PP module rainwater infiltration system.

Rainwater Harvesting Products

  • Rainwater Harvesting

    Rainwater Harvesting

    Definition:Rainwaterharvesting istheaccumulationanddepositionofrainwaterforreuseon-site,ratherthanallowingittorunoff.rainwatercanbecollected fromrivers orroofs,andinmanyplacesthewaterco

  • Sponge City

    Sponge City

    (1--Catertogovernmentsupport Endof2013,PresidentXiJinpingproposedthat‘preservationoffiniteraindropshouldbeprioritizedwhileelevatingcitydrainagesystemwithprioritygoingtouseofnaturalpowerfordrainag

  • PP Module Pool

    PP Module Pool


  • Rainwater Filtration and Purification

    Rainwater Filtration and Purification



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Sewage treatment _ rainwater collection _ FRP septic tank _ easy net group official website