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Sewage treatment _ rainwater collection _ FRP septic tank _ easy net group official website

Hunan Eijing Drainage Solution co., LTD is employed by "the advanced application technology and product catalog (first batch)" of sponge city construction

For the implementation of the general office of the state council " Promoting Urban Construction Guidance" sponge (countries do hair [2015] no. 75) spirit, around in advancing the sponge in the process of the urban construction to solve the pressing needs of the relevant technology and products, to provide technical support to sponge urban construction, housing and urban-rural development of the science and technology development promotion center organized the sponge urban construction (including black smelly water governance, urban waterlogging prevention) advanced suitable technology and the harvesting of the product, the form of review, organization expert group review, comprehensive expert group review and approval, compiled the "sponge urban construction advanced applicable technology and product directory (first batch)" (the public), a total of 36 projects, including harvesting and infiltration, storage, transfer, sewage purification, the black smelly water governance six kind of technology, design and management.

The technology of the glass and steel rainwater storage device of Hunan Eijing Drainage Solution co., LTD was entered in "The Advanced Application Technology and Product Catalog (first batch) of Sponge City Construction".

Hunan Eijing Drainage Solution by Wuhan University of science and technology are the company's glass reinforced plastics rainwater tanks Eunice li ball, dean of faculty of science and design team reference standard in Europe and America, which is using mechanical winding technology, products can carry 60 tons. The factory all of closed water test before nerver without a leakage phenomenon, by the national chemical building materials test center testing fully meet the design requirements.

Hunan Eijing Drainage Solution co., LTD is the most professional outdoor drainage solutions provider in China. There are five invention patents, dozens of utility model patents. Ten production bases, five marketing centers.  



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Eijing group has perfect r&d system and sales network, the main products are: Glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks, separation tank, and rainwater harvesting recycle system, integrated sewage treatment system, integration of glass fiber reinforced plastic pump station, plastic pipes and plastic check well.

The most professional outdoor drainage system supplier in China

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Sewage treatment _ rainwater collection _ FRP septic tank _ easy net group official website